oet writing criteria 2021
26 March

2021 standards of OET writing criteria

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2021 standards of OET writing criteria

You will learn about how to write effectively, and how the content should be. This blog has been developed to focus on the latest structure of OET writing. When you follow the mentioned criteria, you get the score you need.

The writing criteria includes,

  • Purpose of the letter
  • Content of the letter
  • Clarity in the content of your letter
  • The style or the way of presentation
  • Organization of the letter
  • Language
  • The lexical resources
  • Each and every criteria listed above will be assigned a band score from 0 to 7. But, for the purpose of the letter, you will get a band score of 3.

    Here is the OET writing criteria,

    1. Start with a clear purpose

    It is important that you should describe the purpose in a nutshell. You don’t have to elaborate the purpose. The sole purpose of the task is to assess your writing skills. Therefore, you need to explain it clearly and early in the letter. You need to read the case notes carefully and find the purpose of the letter. Make your introductory sentence as effective as possible. You can describe it in one or two lines.

    2. Content

    Pick the right content from the case notes, because your case notes will have more content than the required content for your letter. You don’t have to write the case notes completely. You will have to be intelligent enough to pick the right information and present it in your own words.

    3. Conciseness and clarity

    Nobody would like to read a letter that is not clearly mentioned and which doesn’t convey the information in the right way. You need to find the important information and minimize it in your own way. You should be clear about the most relevant issues for the reader. Do not hide the main issue by including irrelevant details. You need to show connection between information in the case notes and do not add any information that is not given in the case notes.

    4. Genre and style

    Of course, you need to use the format or professional style in your letter. You do not use informal language such as SMS and texting abbreviations in your letter. You need to avoid judgemental or opinions

    5. Organization

    Information in the case notes can be a little disorganized. But, in your letter you will have to piece it together at one place and present in the most organized way. Divide your information into small paragraphs, each paragraph should talk about specific things.

    6. Language

    You need to be accurate and flexible in your letter writing. Split long sentences into two or three sentences and also, review grammar before you submit your letter for accuracy.

    7. Lexical resources

    Use proper English Language, preferably medical English. But you don’t have to pepper your content with only medical jargon. You need to make use of a variety of sentence structures, pick words and phrases that are the most effective.

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