24 Apr

Scholarships for International Students
[The right approach to secure one without failing]

Every year during the admission season, international students go on a scholarship hunt, to find financial grants which can aid their studies abroad. Most of the time students are under informed or misinformed about the availability and eligibility and end up losing the game. A vast majority don't even dare to apply and miss the chance forever. Finding scholarships can be quite challenging but often times it will be worth the effort.

Why you need it ?

With falling value of rupee and rising cost of tuition and living, Scholarships are crucial to ease the financial overledo of an international degree, Report show that there has been a downward trend in the number of Indians students in foreign universities and many countries have responded to this with increased opportunities for scholarships

Types of scholarships

Before you start your hun, you should be well aware about the different kinds of scholarships available to international students.
Mostly 4 types of scholarships are open to international students

  • Offered by Government
  • Offered by University
  • Offered by Philanthropists and Private Organisation
  • Research grants (Doctoral studies)

When you should apply?

When it comes to applying for scholarships, the most advocated option is to apply early. As soon as you are done with selecting the course or program, or at least short listing on the courses, the student should start applying. Most of the scholarships have similar deadlines. Relative to the beginning of the academic year in that country. Scholarships for fall can be found up until late summer months and for winter admission can be found until upto late fall.

Major countries offering scholarships on university level


You can study in ireland on fully funded or partially funded scholarships, government and universities in Ireland offer scholarships to international students and nationals ev every year. Most of the universities offer scholarships ranging from E1000 to E4000 for meritorious students.


Australian universities value high performing students from around the globe and most of the scholarship programs are designed to attract the brightest talent to study and work in Australia.
Eligible international students with excellent academic records are awarded scholarships amount equivalent upto 30% of tuition fees.

United Kingdom

UK education is highly expensive these days and hence scholarships and funding opportunities are highly sought after the fees for students outside the EU are decided at an institutional level and often times international students are offered scholarships upto 5000 €


Scholarships and grants can be an invaluable help to students aspiring to study in the US. Eligibility depends on scholarship criteria, that may range from nationality,academics to TOFEL scores. US offers scholarships upto 50% of tuition fees to eligible candidates.

New Zealand

Most of the institutions in New Zealand offers scholarship programs to international students to gain. The Knowledge and skills in their chosen subject and experience their high quality education system and unbeatable lifestyle. Eligible students are offered scholarships equivalent to amount ranging from 4000 NZD to 10000 NZD

Most of the international scholarships have a non-negotiable eligibility criteria and the candidate must invariably meet all the requirements. Incase if you are unsure about your eligibility, the best advocates method is to seek the help of an expert or directly contact the award managing organisation.