22 Nov

NMC proposes changes to English language test

As you all know, nurses who dream to work in UK need to score a 7 band or above in all the 4 Modules in IELTS. But it is not an essay task and majority of the nurses and midwives in India find it difficult to get 7 in writing module even after getting the required score in other 3 modules. This scenario is really frustrating for the them who put their effort in terms of time, money, energy for migrating to UK after completing NMC registration.

Now, there is a great move from The Nursing and Midwifery Council of UK to consider for a slight decrease in the requirements for overseas nursing and midwives taking IELTS. This great leap is in light of the concerns arised regarding the unnecessary delaying of nurses’ recruitment to UK and the increased job (Nursing) vacancies. The Proposed changes would increase the flexibility for the professionals who appear for IELTS without any compromise in the safety.

According to the new proposal, a nurse or midwives can start the NMC Procedure/Processing if he/she gets a 6.5 in writing along with 7 band score in all other modules. This would be a great relief for both the nurses and the healthcare provider in UK. The new proposal is under immediate consideration of the NMC Council and is expected to be effective from January 2019.