21 Aug

Study abroad Options and opportunities

What is study abroad? Who will guide you to choose a best abroad destination and find a best university to pursue your graduation? How will I afford my expenses? These are a number of questions which will arise when we think about the study abroad programme. So here is the solution for your all queries.

Study abroad is the wings of a student who can fly more to achieve their dreams in the best universities all over the world. Many have a misconception that abroad studies are meant only to pursue courses related to Medicine, Engineering or Management. But that is not true. We can select any course of our passion. Here are some of the best abroad destinations.

1. Australia

If you want to pursue your education in Australia, here are some best universities and their highlights

  • Melbourne
    • It is the top ranked university in Australia and number 32 in the world( Times higher education world university ranking 2017-2018)
    • 8000 academic and professional staff supports a vibrant student body of more than 48 000, including more than 13 000 international students from over 130 countries around the world.
  • Monash
    • Monash’s main highlight is the availability of all the courses.
    • It has 8th position among the top one per cent universities of the world , according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2017–2018)
    • There are more than 200 scholarships as well as fee discounts in certain circumstance for those who are eligible.

Not only these two but also there is another 35 universities which are included among the world’s best in the 2018 edition of the QS World university ranking, two more were added in the last year. Thinking about your expenses, there is a solution for it, using your student visa you can do part time works and earn and during the vacations you can work full time and earn some more. Earning depends up on the kind of work you are doing.

2. Canada

Living, studying and working in Canada may be a unique opportunity for international students. It might also be a best way to jumpstart your career by entering in the fields of marketing, business, travel and tourism, environmental causes, engineering, and many more.

Here are some best universities of Canada

  • McGill
    • McGill ranks 1st in Canada among medical-doctoral universities , 32nd in the world( QS world university) and 2nd greenest campus in the Canada according to the 2017 corporate Knights Green Campus Ranking.
    • They provide 300 + programmes of study.
  • Alberta
    • The main attraction of this university is the weather condition. Adaptable and most comfortable weather conditions and also experiences all 4 seasons.
    • Every program in Alberta open to international students has ministry approved or ministry recognized third party over sight.

Achievements of students who studied in Canada are enormous.BlackBerry, flat screen technology, SMART boards, voice compression applications for cell phones and computers, and IMAX film are among the many revolutionary technologies invented and developed. Canada have a lot of research centers and developed programs, innovative NEPTUNE ocean floor laboratory, the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative, ArcticNet, a revolutionary approach for studying the effects of climate change, and Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE Inc.)

3. Ireland

The Irish people have a good hospitality mind that will help you to adapt to the way of life in particularly to student life in Ireland. They provide ability to work part time while studying and 24 months stay back option. Ireland is the center of most of the famous companies like Google, Apple, HP, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme.

Here are some of the top universities of Ireland

  • Trinity College Dublin
    • Ireland’s most famous university and it is ranked top 88th in the world , also one of the 7 ancient university in UK and Ireland and was established in 1592.
    • It has a multicultural and international campus and they provide all the undergraduate students with a personal tutor / a professor who provides academic, personal and professional guidance.
  • University College Dublin
    • This university is the second representative of international rank list of Ireland for the QS World university ranking in 2018 .It ranks 168th position in QS World University Ranking.
    • The most important thing is that, they provide EU supplement label to students for international recognition of qualifications. This is the only Irish university who provides the EU supplement label and also number one in Ireland in QS Employer Reputation Survey – 129th in the world.

Thinking about how to afford your expenses, there is a solution for that also, if you have a valid stamp 2 permission then you can work 40 hours per week only during the month of June, July, August and September and from 15 December to 15 January. At other times you have the limited permission only 20 hours per week.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is the home of natural environment.There are 8 universities and all of which features in the QS World University Ranking 2018. It is an English speaking country and has a good safety environment.

Here are some of the top universities and their features.

  • University Of Auckland
    • University of Auckland is the number one university in New Zealand. According to the QS world Rankings 2018 it has 82nd rank.
    • They provide a wide range of programme and also gives an opportunity to get 30 + conjoint combinations.
  • University of Otago
    • The main attraction in this university is internationally trained staffs and PhD holders for teaching and they hold national teaching awards.
    • Cost of living here is comparatively cheaper than others. Some organizations provide internship during the summer break and paid work opportunities which are related to your career .

Universities in New Zealand provide wide range of scholarships for international students. Numerous opportunities in internships build a better career and improve their practical skills.

5. UK

UK is a fantastic place to work or study to enhance your experience as well as the knowledge. UK universities have incredible position in all over the world. 4 universities are placed in top 10 universities in the world.

  • Oxford University
    • UK’s second top university and very oldest university in the world, founded in 1096. Ranked 6th in the world according to the QS world ranking.
    • The different styles of education may help to improve your knowledge. Tutors will individually help to improve your language as well as the subjects, which will there by enhance your confidence.
  • University of Cambridge.
    • UK’s top ranked university and top 5th in the world according to the QS world ranking, one interesting fact is that it is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1202.
    • There is a student support team which will make you feel better and settle in and find their feet.

Not only these 2 UK’s universities but also there are another 90+ universities that are placed in good rank list in QS World ranking . UK qualifications are best for your career, and UK also the fantastic place to pursue your interest, both on and off campus.

Overseas education is the dream of many students who want to establish their career in a top level and it’s truly an experience of a life time. You will get a chance to explore the country and their culture. One important goal is you will be more independent.

Role Of IELTS For Overseas Education

Now we need to know how IELTS helps you in Overseas Education. Though all countries do not require IELTS, most of them require a band score for education . Before that we all need to know about IELTS and its details in depth. IELTS is the International English Language Testing System and it is popular to world as an accurate test for judging the proficiency of an individual who is non native speaker. IELTS tests are of 2 types, IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

IELTS Academic is concentrated for students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. If you want to settle down in abroad and work there you must take on the IELTS General. The validity of IELTS is 2 years. IELTS Academic consists of 4 modules, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The same sections are in IELTS general, but the questions are different. English language and fluency is an essential part our day to day life when you are choosing an English speaking country. IELTS helps you in individual improvements in all the above four sections and enhance your confidence level to complete the other formalities in overseas education. More than 9000 organizations including universities, college and professional organizations are accepting IELTS as a proof of English language skills.

Growth Of Logistics Industry In India

What is logistics? Logistics is the function that enables the flow of materials from suppliers in to an organization through operations within the organization out to the customers. It is planning, implementing, controlling the effective way of the movements storage of goods, service, and the related information between point of origin to point of consumption in order to meet consumer requirements. Big or small , any consuming goods need a logistics platform to reach a consumer. So that’s why logistics is the backbone of the Indian economy.

Logistics derived from Greek word ”Logistikos” means ‘to reason’. Oxford American dictionary defined as ”the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities or supplies.” The aim of the logistics is to meet consumer requirements with successfully. Logistic process starts from planning. In planning process first we need to find out the consumer requirements, means how to attract or take the attention from customers. Then we need to implement the plan, controlling movements of goods. (It includes proper planning, automation, value relation, warehousing, efficient transport in an effective way till it reaches to the customer.)

Marketing trends are increasing rapidly day by day. A product selling in a market and getting a positive feedback from customer is a difficult task. There are large amount of similar products in market with different brand, different specifications and features. So servile is a tough factor in marketing. Here we will find the importance of technology and developments. To reach a product to customer there are a lot of process to undergo. For that we need different technologies from point of origin to point of consuming. For a product to sell we need to delivery and pick up options, they are essential part of logistic managements. Also we need to ensure that the product should sell the maximum and there is a tight control of wastage. These are all possible only through the advanced technologies.

Advanced technologies can be implemented in internet of things, environments and technologies, analytics and advanced machine learning, cloud and sassification, connected applications, EDI and web services and security. Internet Of Things are for the advanced transportation and warehousing by connecting in vehicle sensors and integrated devices over the network. These are for to locate the products while transporting. Some innovative thing like RFID chips, sensors are used in transporting for critical information. We also need to think about the environment, so that the logistics process should not evaluate a polluted atmosphere. To achieve this is the solution implemented “Green Logistics” which ensure proper recycling of wastage products. When we have an idea about the marketing trend, then only we can find out the consumer needs. So through capturing data by sensors are stored as a big data, from this analyzing the marketing trends and consumer needs is difficult. For that we have a advanced technology called machine learning applications, it can be combined with supply chain management and turn passive data into actionable business intelligence. It will help to analyze the marketing trends, improve demand forecasting accuracy and performance. With this IOT(Internet of Things) we need to secure the logistics and supply chain management process by rectifying and monitoring the cyber threat.

Logistics and supply chain management hold a good scope for the Indian economy. Market size of the Indian economy in logistics field is valuated between USD 90-125 billion and Indian economy has grown to over USD 1.73 trillion. India plays a significant role in all over the world Economy. And logistics becomes the backbone of Indian economy by providing an efficient, cost effective flow of goods in commercial industry.

Job Opportunities For Logistics Professionals

Logistics and supply chain management is an essential part of day today life. And we can see the demand of logistics in the world economy has significantly rose. Logistic professionals have lot of opportunities awaiting in India. All the graduates may apply for this filed because there is no need of special skill set as long as you know the industry. Availability of opportunities are the interesting thing in the logistics filed. Any person completes their Plus 2 with a basic Logistics certificate course can have an entry to the Logistics industry as a fresher. Within a short span of 3- 4 years, a person who hold interest in this, can become a middle level manager / supervisor.

Even women can be part of the logistics field. Most of the works are office based, hence they too can get involved in logistic platform. Many women are holding top position in logistics companies. The interesting thing is that logistics companies train low-level employees to high-level, instead of taking other people from outside.

Indian economy has a significant rise in logistics field. So there is lot of job opportunities in India. A career in logistics industry  to which students could aspire includes Warehouse Management, Transport Operation Management, Distribution Operations Management, Logistics and Inventory Management or Supply Chain Management. Roles of logistics industry can be a supply chain manager who is responsible for managing equipments, hardware and other logistical details or a logistics coordinator who is responsible for prepare all essential transportation documents, or a Supply chain planner/scheduler responsible for supervising order status and developing the solutions to reduce the risk affecting delivery performance.

We can see the how world economy is ruled by logistics and supply chain industry. So lot of job opportunities are there all over the world. For Australia’s economic growth the logistics played a significant role. And one interesting part is that compared to other industry logistics industry give you an endless opportunities to travel. Not only travelling is the opportunity in logistics field but also you can learn languages and cultures of the different countries. There is a great opportunity to establish your career an incredible position within few years of experience in logistics industry.

Can You Sell a Pen? Diploma in Sales and Marketing

In the world of economy, customer is the real king. Where the demand increase there the business improve. Nowadays we can see the availability of different brands of similar product. To become the first position in market is possible only by understanding the taste of the customer. So we can feel the changes in trends of marketing world. These trends are purely means to attract the customers. Online marketing is the one of the most powerful method of marketing trend. Using internet we can promote and introduce a wide range of products to consumers. The main advantages of online marketing are, low cost, flexibility and convenience, analytics, multiple options and demographic targeting. With a finite cost, product can reach to lot of people. There is a lot options before customers. By seeing its product, they can easily analyze the market trend. Online marketing is the best way to sell the product. Not only online marketing but also there is other options for promote a products . Advertisements through social medias like facebook, Whatsapp, Television, News paper etc, direct marketing, etc.

Basic concept of marketing is completed by 4 P’s. Those P’s are stands for product, price, promotion and place. Before plan a product launching we need to understand the customer needs and market trends. Price, quality and quantity is an important things of the marketing. Based on these facts only we can plan the right product by right promotion in a right place. Then only a product can survive in a market. It is easy to describe but getting a good result is by lot of struggles. Here we can understand the importance of diploma in sales and marketing. Skilled training will help to understand the market demand and how to being a position in market.