IELTS Writing Task 2 essay
20 Nov

IELTS Writing task 2 - Example 18

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You need to write at least 250 words and justify your opinion with arguments, discussion, examples, problem outlining, proposing possible solutions and supporting your position. You will have approximately 40 minutes to finish your Essay Writing. IELTS Writing Task 2 carries more weights than Writing Task 1.

In the below-given content, we are going to provide you IELTS writing task 2 sample Question and Answer. It will help you to understand how to answer any question in IELTS Writing Task 2.

Task 2
Question: In many western countries there is an increasing number of couples choosing to have no children. Is it a positive or a negative trend? Give your opinion.

At a particular juncture in human history, some revolutionary thoughts mark the dawn of a new era. Radical changes in vogue, ideology, lifestyles, attitudes and aptitudes have quite often stirred up social unrest. The instances of gay marriage and living together cult are certain bizarre ploys brilliantly orchestrated by vigorous activists in order to disseminate a sudden and seminal message to the world, which the critics initially thought would be a nine days' wonder. Interestingly, a great many couples from the Western world have preferred to lead a family life devoid of children, which has sent waves of shock, resentment and dissent all over the world. However, I feel the onus is now on me to convince my avid readers that the issue in question has more demerits than merits, which will be elucidated in exhaustive details in the following lines.

Surprisingly, for the last few decades, the credo of a good number of westerners regarding sociological issues has undergone profound metamorphosis. As a matter of fact, in bygone days, having children was regarded as profuse blessings of the Almighty. Nonetheless, these days, the perennial quest for career accomplishment and the tilt towards weird ideologies as mentioned in the preamble, have prompted them to opt for a family life sans offspring. In my perspective, it is utterly ridiculous as the procreation of progeny is generally believed to be the nature's law. Even though the matter under discussion is a purely a personal choice, it is a stark fact that the concept and its staunch supporters have faced mounting backlash from every angle, especially from an array of distinguished religious leaders and statesmen.

Needless to say, the aftermath of such a catastrophic life without children looks terribly bleak. First and foremost, if this menacing practice is continued, many nations, however affluent they are, are likely to encounter the paucity of optimum population, intelligentsia and their expertise to run its day-to-day administration in an efficacious manner. Secondly, this queer trend causes chaos in the minds of both experts and laymen regarding its legality and morality. Nevertheless, what alarms the whole world are the findings of two surveys: the recent research undertaken under the aegis of Fortune, a bimonthly magazine published from Norway reveals that teeming millions all over the globe are careerists, thus preferring to live a family life without children. Next, the details in the dossier disclosed by Save The World, Sweden are more stunning: the population in many western countries is predicted to shrink by 42% in the foreseeable future. These appalling revelations, in brief, speak volumes.

Gone are those days when people relished the companionship and affection of children, parents and grandparents. Realistically, this epoch belongs to highflyers, but it is absolutely absurd to muse about the family life bereft of children. Hence, from the discourse on this highly contentious issue, my message goes out loud and clear: the New Age family life sans progeny is atrocious and miserable.

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