IELTS Writing Task 2 essay
27 April

IELTS Writing task 2 - Example 2

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IELTS Writing Task 2 is the second part of the writing test, where you are presented with a point of view, argument or problem and asked to write an essay in response. Your essay should be in a formal style, at least 250 words in length and you should intend to complete it in under 40 minutes.

In the below-given content, we are going to provide you IELTS writing task 2 Question and Answer. It will help you to understand how to answer any question in IELTS Writing Task 2.

Task 2
Question : Some developed countries now have unemployment problems. Why do people still want to emigrate to these countries? Give reasons and specify examples to explain your answer.

A quick glimpse into international affairs reveals that throngs of people from every remotest comer of the earth immigrate to the highly developed nations despite their lacklustre show in generating employment opportunities. At the outset, it may sound paradoxical because the so-called affluent nations suffer the paucity of occupations. As a matter of fact, a wide variety of reasons can be attributed to the exodus of the general populace, both skilled and unskilled, to those lusher pastures.

One of the predominant whys and wherefores of the influx of the people is the abject penury prevailing among the shanty dwellers in certain pockets of the underdeveloped countries. A recent seminal study supervised by the scholars of San Francisco University shows that nearly 28% of the migrants are from these poverty-stricken areas that are infamous for illiteracy and destitution. Needless to say, these penurious people are impelled to flee to alien lands irrespective of job opportunities. However, in this whole series of events, one salient fact commands everyone's attention: the pathetic plight of the refugees from the war zones. It is indeed a stark reality tens of thousands of this category of people, in search of food and security, long to leave the native places riddled with civil wars, insurgent movements and other rebellions. However arduous their voyage is, they undertake these risky travels even in makeshift rafts so that their dreams to go to the greener pastures would be materialized.

A few decades ago, the very idea of seeking political asylum in some of the financially top countries was considered naive and unpatriotic. Nevertheless, as per the statistics of the Amnesty International, the number of political asylum seekers has soared incredibly high, and it is now 40 times higher than that in 2002. Another group that evinces interest is the intelligentsia whose departure to the aforesaid places paves the way for brain drain, thus causing economic setback in their own country. These intellectual elites are of firm conviction that they can avail a lot better emoluments and living conditions. Further, they opine that their progeny will be in a better position in the adopted country to reap the benefits in several sectors such as education, medical care, technology et cetera. Whatever be the motives of the aspirants to immigrate despite the drawbacks of the adopted countries, the intense yearning of many is no more a wishful thinking because they meticulously follow the procedure, and are prepared to pay a pretty penny to help accomplish their long cherished dreams.

Before concluding the discourse, I would assertively ascertain that the trailblazing role played by the UN, the epitome of excellence in the arena of Human Rights, is indeed praiseworthy, and their untiring efforts to succour the needy immigrants are to be underscored. Although a plethora of other causes can be cited for the massive exodus, it is a foregone conclusion that immigration is an ongoing process and it is the bounden duty of people and peoples to facilitate the journey of the professionals, laymen as well as the victims of various catastrophes, to those affluent nations. Whether they have Jobs or not is rather secondary for many of the migrants.

Francis Komban, HOD, Language Training, LEEDZ, Thrissur

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