IELTS Writing Task 2 essay
15 Dec

IELTS Writing task 2 - Example 21

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You need to write at least 250 words and justify your opinion with arguments, discussion, examples, problem outlining, proposing possible solutions and supporting your position. You will have approximately 40 minutes to finish your Essay Writing. IELTS Writing Task 2 carries more weights than Writing Task 1.

In the below-given content, we are going to provide you IELTS writing task 2 sample Question and Answer. It will help you to understand how to answer any question in IELTS Writing Task 2.

Task 2
Question:Being a celebrity such as a famous film star or sports personality brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or problems? Give reasons for your answer.

In sharp contrast with bygone days, a great many people nowadays live in the age of abundance, which is indeed conspicuous in every walk of life including films and sports. With pomp and flamboyance, the sports and film stars overnight become mega-stars capturing the acclaim and accolade of ardent admirers. The limelight showered on them is so overwhelming that sometimes they are impelled to despise it due to the fact that their privacy is at stake, and thus retreating to a world of solitude, which is terribly agonizing. While fathoming out the intricacies of celebrity status, it could be pinpointed without any speck of doubt that stardom with all its virtues will never be outvoted.

To begin with, luminaries of yesteryear and of modern times, whether it be from films or sports, have had their slice of the fortune in revelling in the admiration of their-staunchest fans who are so steadfast that they would leave no stone unturned to mobilize massive support to further name and fame of their gritty heroes. The categorical trust they have reposed in their flamboyant idols has made them profess vehemently with one voice that their god’s are invincible and infallible, and they would love to manifest this adoration even in their incredible deeds: whole-hearted readiness to die for them and for their causes. To cite a flashback, the fables of gruesome aftermath of the demise of MGR,a celluloid hero of yesteryear in South India are still vivid in the minds of many. Needless to say, the film and sports stars easily win the hearts of millions with their superlative and superhuman acts and efforts, which in turn, paves the way for stardom and its allied boons: meteoric rise to enviable fame and fabulous wealth.

Further fool-proof evidences could be tabled in any forum in order to ascertain that being a celebrity has more benefits than drawbacks. Under the aegis of fans associations coupled with the unqualified support of mega-stars, numerous humanitarian projects and programmes are envisaged and put into practice in order that the general public, especially the under-privileged could benefit the maximum. To be more precise, when Kerala was ravaged by huge deluge, the fans clubs were in the vanguard of lending a helping hand to all the needy, isolated and distressed. Hence, these heartthrobes could herald to the whole world at the top of their voice that they are not merely the ambassadors of a few branded stuff but they can play the role of ambassadors of benevolence, philanthropy and pacifism. Time and again, it is proven they are second to none in gestures ofmagnanimity and brotherhood in times of catastrophes. Conversely, despite umpteen virtues, it is also clamoured that celebrities encounter a plethora of problems, in particular, the precarious predicament of paucity of privacy.

The foregone conclusion of this lengthy discourse is that being a celebrity is more a blessing than a bane. Furthermore, the notion that the words and deeds of the idols can initiate and sustain profound metamorphosis in the society is no longer a wishful thinking.

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