IELTS Writing Task 2 essay
03 June

IELTS Writing task 2 - Example 7

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IELTS Writing Task 2 (also known as IELTS Essay Writing)is the second part of the writing test. Here, You need to write an essay in a formal style with at least 250 words in length and justify your opinion with arguments, discussion, examples,solutions, and you should intend to complete it in under 40 minutes.

In the below-given content, we are going to provide you IELTS writing task 2 sample Question and Answer. It will help you to understand how to answer any question in IELTS Writing Task 2.

Task 2
Question: Computer games are very popular for all ages and nationalities. Parents think this has little educational value and it will be harmful for children. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

An overwhelming number of people, irrespective of their age, gender, creed or region, indulge intensely in playing the computer games, the brainchild of tech-savvy contemporary era. Initially, everyone thought it would be a nine days’ wonder and its influence would gradually vanish off the face of the earth; however, the stark fact is that computer games have come to stay despite their distinct drawbacks, precisely because they are able to enthral, edify, entertain everyone and enhance the quality of their pastime. Although the masterminds behind this innovation claim and clamour that computer games have been tailor-made for the natural needs of multifarious age-groups, there is no denying the modern generation is prone to expend enormous amount of their valuable time for this frivolous behaviour. At this juncture, since the central theme of the discussion is deemed to be a mixed bag of divergent propositions, I would obviously prefer a balanced view.

A great many technocrats and bureaucrats take the view that our planet has become the technological paradise, thanks to the sparkling successes in science and technology, but the pity is that it has cost man a pretty penny to create such a fascinating world. Currently, the pertinent question is whether the price is worth paying because computer games, one of the mesmerizing marvels of the modern times, have overwhelmed mankind in every possible way. For a multitude of reasons, the conventional pedagogues and psychologists in education have voiced their apprehension about the negative impact they cause in many minds, especially in adolescents. Further, one of the main concerns of parents is that their children constantly play computer games when they should be studying. If that tendency of teenagers turns out to an addiction, they fear all the sky-high ambitions they have been dreaming about their children will sooner or later crumble like a house of cards.

Imbibing the spirit from Francis Bacon that reading maketh a full man, one can easily muse about the infinite and profuse possibilities of reading; sadly, this essential skill is scarcely seen these days among the young adults whose only passion is computer games. Another growing worry shared by the elderly is that a big bevy of youngsters who sit glued to ultra-sophisticated gizmos and games find hardly any time for a heart-to-heart with the family, friends and kith and kin. In this regard, the most pernicious repercussion of using computer games is that the juveniles are led astray into a world of make-believe where they get addicted to a variety of vices; alas! these gadgets and their associated applications have annihilated children's creativity, curiosity, career, fond attachments and literary attainments.

Let us now look at the other side of the coin. A wide range of golden opportunities are in the offing for the young people who are endowed with rare talents in the field of technology. With their innovative ideas, for instance, they can start the novel versions of board games and puzzle games which augment one’s skill of identifying an enigma and suggesting viable options. Besides, in collaboration with NCERT ( National Council of Educational Research and Training), many experts opine that, if these tools are rightly integrated into the curriculum, they are excellent enrichment exercises. Another tangible benefit is that they transform learning into a fun, motivating and engaging experience. Furthermore, the whole thing fosters critical thinking and collaborative learning among peers. Last but not least, in this epoch of cut-throat competition where stress and strain play havoc, the advent of computer games is a welcome change to millions of users around the world because it can refresh their sagging spirit.

From the available evidence and information garnered from several reliable quarters, I would like to reach the surmise that it is absolutely unrealistic to judge that computer games are solely responsible for students’ debacle. Nevertheless, it is pinpointed that excessive involvement in such computer applications can grossly affect one's academic performance in a deleterious way. In the final analysis, I would like to add that, as long as these apparently attractive games do not impede the children's career line, they are perfect, but utmost care from learners and meticulous supervision from mentors and parents are indispensable in order to make them fool-proof; otherwise, our younger generation will be plunged into abysmal fiasco.

Tip : Make very brief notes about what you are going to write for each paragraph – one idea for each paragraph is enough. Spend no more than five minutes analyzing the question and planning.

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