Lexical Resources: their syntax and meaning
25 June

Lexical Resources: their syntax and meaning

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The gross neglect on the part of our officialdom to alleviate the pathetic plight of the people at this catastrophic juncture has appalled one and all.

1. Gross (adjective) = serious; great in amount
e.g. When gross inequalities exist in a society, it may slowly pave the way for utter discontent and gradual alienation from the mainstream of social life.

2. Officialdom (Noun) = government officials; officials of any organization
e.g. The masses feel that they are mostly at the mercy of the officialdom.

3. Alleviate (verb) = reduce; ease; ameliorate
e.g. The company has taken adequate steps in order to alleviate the ordeal of its labourers.

4. Pathetic (adjective) = pitiable
e.g. It is a pathetic sight to see hundreds of people struggling for a day's square meal.

5. Plight (Noun) = unpleasant condition
e.g. The committee has recommended that certain urgent and tangible measures ought to be adopted by all concerned in order to ameliorate the plight of the migrant workers.

6. Catastrophic (adjective)= disastrous
e.g. Many sports stalwarts feel that the exit of Scotland from the Euro Cup is definitely catastrophic to the game and the fans in that country.

7. Juncture (Noun) = a particular point in time
e.g. It is the need of the hour to render substantial succour to the needy and oppressed at this crucial juncture of pandemic.

8. Appalled (verb) = dismayed; shocked
e.g. People have been absolutely appalled at the wishy-washy way the authorities are supporting some of the popular movements.

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