What is Pathway

Pathway courses offer access to universities and colleges par excellence around the world. Students can study abroad by enhancing their current qualification in the most economical manner. In other words, a pathway course entitles you to make your own educational choices, eventually guiding you to accomplish your goal of studying and settling abroad.

What is Leedz Pathway

Leedz provides brilliant opportunities to study in such as Singapore,the UK and other major countries around the world. Begin your process by taking an appointment with our consultant who will guide and equip you with the different routes to the university or college right for you. Now, choose one from the pathway course options at Leedz and find the perfect one. This road to success can begin at your home county leading to different locations around the globe, helping you discover the opportunities that come with studying abroad along with experiencing student life around the globe.

Studying abroad is one of the best options for a successful career and prosperous future despite being laborious and expensive. There are several routes you can choose to accomplish this goal. In order to apply directly to universities and colleges abroad the aspirant should have certain minimum qualifications. Leedz, on the other hand, will help you overcome these limitations and boost your current qualification with a pathway program, designed to help you prepare and meet the entry requirements to your desired university or college in the most economical manner.

The pathway programs at Leedz will entitle you to study in your native county for a certain period of time for which you will be awarded a dual certification recognized by ATHE (Ofqual) and course completion certificate issued by LEEDZ, India from the UK along with one from Leedz, India. The student is now eligible to pursue his/her advanved studies in Singapore, post which they will be offered a paid internship. Having successfully completed this, the student is now qualified to complete their studies in the UK. The aspirant is now entitled to stay back in the UK for two years (according to the new rule implemented by the UK government in September, 2019) to pursue a successful career and prosperous future.

Why choose Leedz

Leedz was able to acquire international certification and tie ups with some of the renowned universities and colleges recognized around the globe to initiate pathway education programs. Leedz aims to enhance the current qualification of the aspirant in a cost effective manner with the aim of gaining relevant industrial experience while studying.

The two most popular industries that have emerged in this century are Supply Chain Management and Hospitality Management. The scope of these industries are widespread. The supply chain management industry involves movement of finished goods and services from manufactures to the door steps of the customers at the end of the chain, whereas, the hospitality industry takes care of customers and their interests at hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, country clubs etc.

The current education system does not cater in depth to these industires thus Leedz has recognized these courses as the need of the hour and has developed its pathway in accordance to this. The pathway courses at Leedz are structured in a way that students have the best of exposure, training and experience from diverse locations. The courses have different levels and can be completed in different stages. Flexibility, accessibility and cost effectiveness are the most attractive features of these pathway programs.


Cost effective

Diverse locations

Grades below 55% acceptable

UK certification

Paid internship

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Your pathway course options

Diploma in International business and Retail and Supply chain management

This program prepares you in business skills and in the retail and supply chain processes. The aim of the program is to build your business acumen and enhance your opportunities of working in different industries. Retail and supply chain

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International Diploma in Business and Hospitality Management

The program has been designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry which includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, traveling, airline along with operations within the tourism industry.

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Professional Certification in Retail and Supply Chain Management

The professional certification program in Retail and Supply Chain Management entails the advanced concepts of Retail and Supply Chain processes. It helps learners specialise in skills pertaining to industries

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Professional Certification in Hospitality Management

The professional certification program in Hospitality Management entails advanced studies in the hospitality and service industry. It focuses mainly on areas such as lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks

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