types of letters in oet writing
19 April

Types of letters in OET writing

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Types of letters in OET writing

The OET writing sub-test will require you to write a letter. There can be three different types of letters. Each of these letters will have a different format or structure. You need to follow some basic rules of writing a letter.

Purpose of the task

The sole purpose of the task is to assess your writing skills. You need to understand the task first. The case notes that you will get will be for your reference. You shall use them smartly. But, remember you should not copy the content. You need to learn the art of paraphrasing. You can pick the information from the case notes and reconstruct in your own words. You will have to use a wide range of vocabulary. Try to use as many different grammatical structures as possible to convey the information in the right way.

Three different types of letters are as follows:

  • Referral
  • Discharge
  • Transfer
  • Referral Letter

    In a majority of the cases, it will be a referral letter for you. Here, we have explained how your referral letter should be.

    The letter will be based on a real-world scenario. It can be a day-to-day case that you may come across as a health care professional or in the health care profession.

    You need to communicate essential patient’s information to another health care colleague.

    The approach to writing all this type of letter ( or even other types ) is going to be very simple. You will have to select only the most relevant information from the case notes and you will have to convert it into your own words and present it to the other healthcare colleague.

    Introductory sentences shall provide information about the patient. It makes sense to talk about the present condition of the patient, or the problems the patient is currently facing. If the present problem in the outcome of some past illness then it is necessary to mention the past illness as well. You need to explain the reason for writing the letter. It shall be very clear.

    If needed, you can also include :

  • Description of significant family history medical, pregnancy and developmental histories.
  • Pertinent test results
  • Review of physical examination and for diagnosing irrelevant information
  • There are many candidates who fill out the space in the letter with irrelevant information or unnecessary long sentences. Remember your score in calculated based on the information that you provide. It is not just about writing 150 - 180 words. You need to accomplish your goal of conveying the information in the right way.

    What happened ?

    Briefly describe the condition of the patient. What are the complaints of the patient? How is the condition of the patient now? What treatment has been provided if you want, you can also include relevant dates and times to describe the series of events.

    Ending of the Letter

    Be clear about what you expect from your other health care colleague. Explain in one or two sentences about further treatment or necessity of tests etc.

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