what is oet
27 Feb

What is OET ?

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What is OET?

OET” is the abbreviated form of the Occupational English Test. The synopsis of this English language test is imbibed in the expansion itself, that is first it is related to your profession and secondly it is related to English language. As a whole it can be said that OET is an English language proficiency test for healthcare professionals who wish to work in European countries like the UK, Ireland, Newzealand, Australia, etc. The healthcare professionals who can opt for OET are nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, Optometrists, Podiatrists, occupational therapists, Vets, speech pathologist, dieticians, physiotherapist, and radiographers.

The examination has four modules : Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking while Listening and Reading are common for all healthcare professionals. Writing and speaking are profession specific. Specifically, the Listening module helps to understand the comprehension of the candidate while listening to a monologue or dialogue while the reading module enables to assess how well a candidate can decipher a written extract. The writing module of OET test examines the correspondence skills of a candidate in a healthcare settings while speaking module examines the verbal communication skills in health care scenarios

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